Thursday, June 7, 2018

Algerian Intelligence Involved Funding the Polisario Terrorist with 800 Million Worth of Cocaine

Algeria Times newspaper published an article about the involving of the Algerian intelligence with bringing 800 million dollars worth of cocaine from Brazil.

according to this liberal free newspaper, An Algerian security source told Algeria Times that refused to reveal his identity because of security conditions. The intelligence service, known as the Information and Security Directorate in Algeria, had obtained a shipment of cocaine from a Spanish agent with a shipment of frozen meat. To the port of Oran (Algerian City) and was spotted by the Spanish intelligence and tracked by a drone to reach the body or network that was behind them.

Polisario Terrorists

The security source confirmed that the shipment was directed to support the Polisario and other terrorist groups in the coast with the knowledge of the Algerian regime and the hands of Hezbollah in Brazil and that the Algerian intelligence is living these days in a state of alert and floundering to find a convincing way for the scandal of thorny and very dangerous to The credibility of the regime because the case concerns terrorist organizations specialized in solid drug trafficking and its complex relationship with some generals in the Algerian military establishment.

In short, without the Algerian client in Spain and the Spanish intelligence service, the shipment would have been emptied without problems. to the Mafia which controls Algeria, the Polisario and the terrorist groups in the Sahel and benefits from a huge funding of 800 million dollars.

The Algerian regime claims that the imminent danger to Algeria is the cannabis coming from Morocco meanwhile they enter to the people what is more deadly, the lethal poison cocaine with the help of the Algerian ports, but now it's a painful blow to the ruling gang by friendly fire unintentionally. newspaper says.