Thursday, May 10, 2018

Researchers Discover New Drug To Eliminate Baldness

British researchers have found a new treatment that may help eliminate the problem of baldness, using a drug designed to treat osteoporosis.

The researchers said there are currently only two treatments for hereditary baldness: menoxidil (for men and women), and " (Men only). According to the team, both have side effects and do not always achieve the goal, so patients often resort to hair transplant surgery instead.


The team treated the baldness using another drug, Way-316606, designed to prevent a protein called SFRP1. The drug was made up of osteoporosis treatments. The team tested the new drug using scalp scalp hair samples from more than 40 male patients.

The drug also inhibits the protein SFRP1, which inhibits the pathway of the WNT molecule, a vital molecule for the growth of many tissues, including hair. Hair growth is enhanced by the side effects of another drug called cyclosporine A, which is used to treat autoimmune diseases.

"The new drug can make a real difference to people who have hair loss," said Nathan Hockshaw, head of the research team. "A clinical trial will be needed to see whether the treatment is effective and safe for humans."

However, there are cases that require a doctor's visit, including: sudden hair loss, the development of bald areas and increase, loss of hair in blocks, and itching of the head and the sensation of burning in the scalp Head.

LONDON (Reuters)