Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Miracle Bring A Child Back to Life

A child returned to life shortly after his parents signed on all his organs papers, where he spent two months in a hospital on life-saving devices.

Trenton McKinley, 13, was in a coma for two months after a car accident and suffered seven fractures in the skull when a buggy he was riding with his friends in the Mobile area of Alabama landed on him.

Organs Donation

The boy fell outside the vehicle that fell on him, causing him to be hit by the skull, a local television channel reported.

According to his family, McKinley spent several days on life support devices and could hardly breathe, prompting the family to make the difficult decision by donating his organs to five children waiting for transplants.

One day before the life support services were separated, and after the parents had already signed organ donation papers, McKinley showed signs of recovery.

The children and doctors described the child's recovery as a "miracle," despite the risks he still faced, but his condition improved dramatically.