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Thursday, September 20, 2018

FIFA Suspends Officials of the American Confederation and the CONCACAF

The FIFA Judicial Committee has decided to stop a group of former US, North American and Caribbean Union (CONCACAF) officials from participating in any domestic or international soccer activities.


Aaron Davidson, former chairman of the North American Football Association (NCAA), Traffic Sports USA, and former Costa Rican CFO Costas Takas, as well as IFF vice-president Jeffrey, were suspended. Web, Miguel Trujillo, former FIFA match agent, and owner of sports consulting firms.

The investigation began with Davidson on May 28, 2015 after a press release from the US Department of Justice.

On 20 October 2016, the charges of participation in organized crime and e-fraud were officially addressed to Davidson.

TheBuzzSports website published details of the case that began on May 27, 2015, before it was decided almost two years later. The British citizen was also charged with money-laundering, as well as bribery on behalf of former CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb, About ad rights and marketing for football tournaments.

While the investigation against Trujillo began on 6 April 2016, and two days later he was officially charged with electronic fraud for his involvement in several schemes to bribe football officials.

The court ruled that the three officials had breached Article 21 (Bribery and Corruption) of the FIFA ethical charter, which would mean they would be suspended for life on any domestic or international football activities, and fined one million Swiss francs.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Space Creatures Reach Earth. This is Human Reaction

How will our reaction be if space creatures reach Earth?

If the arrival of space objects is announced to our planet, what will be our reaction? How will we act? A psychologist has revealed the psychological consequences that may arise in humans when they first contact peaceful Aliens.

Imagine the arrival of a large flying dish to the ground, approaching the headquarters of the United Nations in New York and hanging in the air above the square where UN headquarters is located, and millions of people watching the mysterious spacecraft on television.

The crews of the space object enter the global communications networks and broadcast in various languages ​​a brief message via radio, television and the Internet openly and publicly.

The message says: "The sons of the earth: You are not alone in the universe, we are in a distant world similar to your world, we knew your existence and decided to present ourselves publicly and travel to your planet."

We want to meet with your representatives to work together to eliminate the wars, problems and disadvantages that make your world an uncomfortable place. "

"We have come to peace, we represent one of the many worlds inhabited in this galaxy," she concludes.

A few hours later, a space object descends on a platform from inside the dish in front of the United Nations, whose features are very similar to human features with some small differences and certain features of his world but without anything disturbing.

In his program "What happens if space creatures communicate with the earth?" Published on its electronic portal "Mundo Desconocido," the scientist of mysterious mysteries, supernatural phenomena and space objects, Jose Luis Camacho, imagines the premise of the first peaceful connection between humans and space creatures. "Ie (an unknown world).

"The impact, transformations and changes that may occur to humans through open communication with a more advanced civilization can be enormous, unpredictable and multiple, such as what happened at the time of arrival," says Camacho, whose YouTube channel has more than 1 million followers. Europeans to America more than five centuries ago. "

What is the potential psychological impact of the scene described by Camacho when the arrival of space creatures to our planet and communicate openly with the rest of humanity?

Trust and hostility and expectation

Psychologist Margarita Garcia Marcis points out that "in the light of the above scene, there may be all sorts of reactions: both the predictable and the curious approaching the space creatures to create contact with them peacefully, or the paranoid that attacks them in the light of the possibility that they have come Peaceful but bad intentions. "

"Everyone's reaction to this hypothesis may depend on their own experiences, personal histories and personality, be it bold or shy, trustworthy, panic, or a propensity for progress or decline in life."

She adds that each person's reactions are influenced by "the education and messages received in his or her life, environment and environment based on being a harsh or mild person or who has suffered attacks of any kind."

"As usual, there will be a proportion of nice and hostile people, and there will be those who do not care or who will wait for what happens."

According to the psychologist, "Some may see that communicating with space creatures in a positive, curious and reliable way is an opportunity to learn about another life." Others will be careful and watch what happens to the riskers who approach them.

For Marx, it may be similar to "the arrival of Europeans to America, Africa or China, and those great historical connections where you learn about different cultures, different behaviors and reactions from multiple parties, both nice and open or rebellious and hostile."

"Space creatures, of course, could be a more advanced technological civilization because they developed a spaceship to come to Earth and because they were watching our habits for a while before deciding to visit us," Marques said.

"Although it comes with a message of peace, it is recommended to be careful because everything in existence has two sides, you may know more about us than we know about them, and verify that they will allow us to know them better, or explain their intentions."

different cultures

"In such a situation, where people will have the least developed culture, it would be desirable to be curious and open minded and see what happens, but with caution, and prepare ourselves for good or bad, where the space creatures may adopt a seemingly peaceful behavior To see human weaknesses. "

"Relationships, communication and communication with others and other cultures may be healthy and mutually beneficial, but there may also be misunderstandings, so that what may be normal for a culture may receive another culture as a negative thing," according to the same expert.

The psychologist recommends that "fear of the unknown is natural, but from this feeling it is necessary to try to identify that unknown, the space creatures, and see whether what is happening is positive or negative, comes back to something that is taken from us."

"In relationships we always have to give and take, so it is likely that space creatures will want something in return for the help you will give us, for example learning from humanity, like anthropologists do in studying civilizations and cultures, To be cautious so that we know about it. "

"Communication of this kind, such as the historic encounter between Europeans and other continents, has closed the main factor of any discovery: let us consider that there are many ways to understand the relationships, customs, world and life that are different from those we know and brought up as the only ones," she said.

"At the confluence of two cultures that take and give mutual things, such as what is going on throughout history and now at a faster pace and on a larger scale because of technology-driven globalization," she adds.

"Communicating with other cultures and people expands vision into reality, opens the mind, expands horizons, enriches our psychological lives, and communicates with space creatures that may contribute to the same thing but on a larger scale, knowing that this will require a development that will go through a different crisis and stages."

The conclusion of the specialist analysis that "because there is no good or purely beneficial to us, as in any personal relationship or social, any contact with the creatures of space will have to prepare for the bad aspects and give a return for the success of the relationship and exchange is beneficial to the parties."

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Spanish Press is Sad to Bid Farewell to Ronaldo

The Spanish sports newspaper called forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved to Juventus Italian, with feelings of sadness and regret.

"There will be no other player like that," Marca wrote in the front page of the front page with a 451-ball image, referring to the number of Real Madrid goals scored by Madera.
Cristiano Ronaldo in juvaantus

The ball bears the slogans of the clubs that Cristiano scored for nine seasons with the Royal team.

In a small line, the Madrid newspaper wrote: "The legendary Cristiano, who has 451 goals," recalls that it is the "end of the era" in the Real.

"Cristiano was a wonderful dream while he was going on" with the 33-year-old striker, the AS newspaper said on the front page.

According to the Madrid patrol that Cristiano moves to Juventus for about 100 million euros.

"These years in Real Madrid and in this city are probably the happiest in my life," the newspaper quoted excerpts from Don's speech, released after the deal was announced.

The Sports newspaper put a composite picture of the Portuguese player in the Juventus shirt with a headline that came as follows: "Shock Cristiano".

The Catalans wrote that the Real Madrid had received a star request and sold it to Juventus for 105 million euros.

Mundo Deportivo published a picture of Cristiano in the Juventus shirt with the title "CR SETTE" in reference to No. 7 in Italian, which will be kept "Don" in the Club "old lady".

Cristiano is leaving Real and is moving to Juventus for 112 million euros.

Cristiano was announced to Juventus for more than 100 million euros under a contract until June 30, 2022.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The enthusiasm for driving is ahead for Saudi women

She sat behind an open-wheeled steering wheel and put on a helmet attached to an electronic device that helped her simulate the reality a few days before the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia. She pressed the accelerator with 70 feet ...

saudi women driving

The authorities will allow Aziza and thousands of women in the conservative kingdom to sit behind the wheel of a real car from Sunday (June 24th) to end decades of embargoes that have made it the only country in the world that denies women driving.

"It will be a great day for us," Aziza, a psychology student, told AFP. "We've waited a long time," she said, trying to focus on driving through the virtual machine.

Emotional excitement prevailed at the Riyadh Park commercial center, where the Traffic Department organized an event to help women prepare for the lifting of the ban on Sunday.

Dozens of women flocked to enjoy the small race car driving over the interlocking paths, while others preferred to visit sites dedicated to giving lessons on traffic lights under the supervision of female trainers.

The trainer explained the importance of the seat belt and tied it around his body in a car in front of women's eyes. Similar events were held in other parts of the Kingdom in Dammam, Jeddah and Tabuk in a sign of Saudi Arabia's preparations for the zero hour as part of a campaign of change led by the young crown prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to introduce social and economic reforms to the rich kingdom.

Driving Schools

Since the decision to allow women to drive last year, driving schools have opened their doors to women to teach them to drive cars and motorcycles in a scene that has been banned for decades.

The resolution, which was seen as the most repressive measure for women, would lead to a major change in the daily lives of women, who would no longer need male drivers to move.

"Wherever we want to go, hospitals, hotels or restaurants, we can now do it alone," said Hatton Ben Dakheel, 21, a pharmacy student. "The days of waiting for the driver for long hours are over."

Some three million women in Saudi Arabia could get a driver's license by 2020, experts say. But allowing women to drive in a kingdom that swings between modernists and conservatives could trigger a backlash from hardliners who long defended the ban and considered driving sin. Two Saudi women with an international driver's license said they would rather wait a few months to monitor things in their country before they got the car.

The government had been awaiting the start of the decision to criminalize harassment and announced a fine of 300 thousand rials (about 80 thousand dollars) and a prison sentence of up to five years against the harasser. The authorities allowed the opening of leadership education institutes in major cities, but many women complained of the lack of numbers of trainers and the high fees required by these institutes.

The kingdom began issuing women's driving licenses in June for the first time in decades, and women with an international driver's license replaced it with a Saudi license. In an effort to prevent women, who do not have a license, from driving, authorities have announced a fine of 900 riyals (about $ 240) to be imposed on women who are arrested without a license, according to Saudi media.

Authorities announced this week that the first group of women, who will deal with accidents involving drivers, began training on her new job, without setting a date for starting their business. Despite the positive effect of the decision to allow women to drive, the optimism about reforms has eased somewhat after the arrest of prominent activists who have long called for a lifting of the leadership ban.

In May, Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 17 prominent women activists and activists in the field of women's rights. Local media accused them of treason and undermining the stability of the kingdom.

A number of them were released and others were arrested. Among the detainees are female activists who have called for the abolition of the men's jurisdiction over women, which gives men the opportunity to control the travel, education and work of women. The authorities have confirmed that obtaining a driver's license does not require men's approval.

"I encourage my wife to lead," Nayef Abdul Rahman, a Riyadh resident, told AFP. "Women, who can raise children, are able to drive a car.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Algerian Intelligence Involved Funding the Polisario Terrorist with 800 Million Worth of Cocaine

Algeria Times newspaper published an article about the involving of the Algerian intelligence with bringing 800 million dollars worth of cocaine from Brazil.

according to this liberal free newspaper, An Algerian security source told Algeria Times that refused to reveal his identity because of security conditions. The intelligence service, known as the Information and Security Directorate in Algeria, had obtained a shipment of cocaine from a Spanish agent with a shipment of frozen meat. To the port of Oran (Algerian City) and was spotted by the Spanish intelligence and tracked by a drone to reach the body or network that was behind them.

Polisario Terrorists

The security source confirmed that the shipment was directed to support the Polisario and other terrorist groups in the coast with the knowledge of the Algerian regime and the hands of Hezbollah in Brazil and that the Algerian intelligence is living these days in a state of alert and floundering to find a convincing way for the scandal of thorny and very dangerous to The credibility of the regime because the case concerns terrorist organizations specialized in solid drug trafficking and its complex relationship with some generals in the Algerian military establishment.

In short, without the Algerian client in Spain and the Spanish intelligence service, the shipment would have been emptied without problems. to the Mafia which controls Algeria, the Polisario and the terrorist groups in the Sahel and benefits from a huge funding of 800 million dollars.

The Algerian regime claims that the imminent danger to Algeria is the cannabis coming from Morocco meanwhile they enter to the people what is more deadly, the lethal poison cocaine with the help of the Algerian ports, but now it's a painful blow to the ruling gang by friendly fire unintentionally. newspaper says.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Youngest Martyrs of The Gaza Massacre

The caresses and the recent quarrels of eight-month-old Laila al-Ghandour are still present in her mother's memory, as if they had just happened.

But the tear gas that the Israeli army threw over the heads of the civilian demonstrators in the massacre that took place on Monday near the Gaza Strip border put an end to these caresses, strangled the child's lungs and caused her death.

The Ministry of Health has announced, early in the dawn of Tuesday, the death of the infant Ghandour, as a result of gas suffocation.

"The Israeli army deprived her of the first joy in her life," says the mother of the girl, Maryam al-Ghandour, to the Anatolia agency, wiping her tears.

The pregnant mother explains that she was not accompanied by her daughter in the marches. She stayed at home for a pain, and her 13-year-old brother Ammar took her without her knowledge and put her beside her mother, the grandmother of the girl. In peaceful demonstrations.

She added that the baby Laila "was a source of joy and pleasure in the house, and was smiling to all who see and deter."

The mother, "Maryam" "Israel is fully responsible for the death of her child Laila, suffocating by inhaling gas, and the internationally prohibited."

The grandmother, "Hayam Omar" (37 years), who was participating in the marches, says that the Israeli army intensified the fire and gas bombs, despite the presence of children in the march of return.

During the escalation of the al-Awda border camp, her son, Ammar, carried Laila in his arms for fear of her and began to run to his mother (the grandmother of the girl) to protect her from gas from Israeli bombs.

But she did not succeed, and the infant swallowed gas, as the grandmother, who had hugged Laila in her arms, tried to protect her from "Israeli brutality against the demonstrators."

When the grandmother returned to her home in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, she changed the color of the blue color, she says. She rushed to the hospital, but the doctor told them that "the infant died of gas inhalation."

Omar demanded that the Israeli army be prosecuted for its crimes against peaceful protesters, especially children.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights (based in Geneva) said that Israeli gas is made up of "substances that cause large tremors and fainting, and may lead to chronic lung infections and chronic nerve convulsions."

On Monday, the Israeli army committed a massacre of peaceful protesters on the Gaza Strip border, killing 60 people and injuring more than 2,770 others, with live bullets, rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.

The protestors were protesting the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.

* Anatolia News Agency

Monday, May 14, 2018

What is "Kissing Fever"?

Glandular fever is known as "kiss fever" because of its transmission from one person to another through oral secretions. It is also known by several other names, such as Pfeiffer's disease, frequent encephalitis, or infertility.

Professor Andreas Podbelski, president of the Institute of Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at the University of Rostock, Germany, said the disease is an infectious disease, caused by a virus called "Epstein Barr (EBV) of the family of herpes viruses, attacking the lymphocytes B important immune system, Body lifelong.

Kissing Fever

This virus is activated repeatedly in some situations, such as stress. It is usually invisible or noticeable. However, it is contagious at this stage. It is not a coincidence that the kissing fever is 
called "kissing fever." It is transmitted only through saliva, for example when kissing.

Sore throat and tonsillitis

Of course, fever (fever) is the most common symptom of this disease, in addition to sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, tonsillitis and the appearance of a gray layer of white on them, as well as the general feeling of weakness and fatigue.

Symptoms also include elevated liver values, spleen enlargement and an increase in the number of lymphocytes in the blood, a signal of the immune system. These symptoms often begin four to six weeks after the virus.

The problem is the difficulty of diagnosing the disease because of the overlap of some symptoms with the infection of influenza and colds and infections of the liver, which may lead to access to the patient the wrong medicine.

Professor Hartmut Hingel, president of the German Society of Virology, noted that the age factor plays an important role in the disease, explaining that the earlier a person contracted the virus, the less likely the disease would be. For example, infections in young children Syndrome.

Long comfort

General practitioner Wilhelm Breitenberger pointed out that a long rest period of several months, namely, sleeping heavily, not lifting heavy objects due to the spleen, not exercising and keeping away from fatty meals.

It is also important that the patient's body is not exposed to trauma. However, the patient is allowed to walk outdoors in the absence of stress.

The good news is that anyone infected with this disease will not get it again, nor is there a vaccine yet, but one can strengthen the immune system to fight the virus well through a healthy diet and exercise.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Most 10 Qualities That Women Like in Men

There are many qualities that men like in women, ranging from tenderness to beauty to tyranny. On the other hand, there are many qualities that women like in men, but they take a different approach that is compatible with the nature of women. Women love men who are considered feminine and protected, Of responsibility at the same time.

There have been many types of research on the qualities that women seek in men and found that the most important character masculinity and prestige and other qualities that prefer women in men and we will review some of them in the context of the following report:

1. Sufficient liability

Women always look at men for the courage and wisdom that always makes them responsible.

2. Quietness of print

A woman loves the friendly, broad-minded, balanced, balanced man who accepts and understands the discussion even in its most difficult situations.

3 - The smiling man

A woman loves a man who is humorous; she believes that he is intelligent and honest in his feelings and can transform any problem that interferes with their lives into a positive attitude.

4. Loving children

Many women are attracted to a child-loving man, especially those looking for a long-term relationship and family formation.

5 - Elegant

Women love the man who cares about his appearance and shows his elegance and taste and considers his interest in his appearance among the things that express his personality.

6 - confident of himself

Where women are alienated from the weak man, who is weak in character; considering that it constitutes a great burden for her in the future in terms of placing responsibility on her in making all decisions.

7 - Optimist

A woman loves a man who is always optimistic and optimistic and who is able to draw steps for his future, which every night is a new beginning to a successful life.

8 - Smooth

The woman loves the man who feels her femininity; as if he always shows his interest in her taste in choosing her clothes and words, and to give gifts in a creative and well-crafted way to her happiness, in addition to being an explicit declaration of her closeness and success.

9 - Good-hearted

Women always love the man who understands her feelings as a female; she is the first control of her behavior, her thoughts, her happiness and her grief. She may even control her success. So men should be able to absorb them with the tenderness of their feelings and always keep them safe and secure.

10 - supporting her

The woman loves the man who encourages her to continue to realize her dreams and to be with her during her success or failure; this gives her moral support, which makes her success next to him a kind of special love.